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#FAWSTalk Schedule

101 to 201


Called to Business:
John Beckett

Moving Forward from 101 to 201:
David Gill

New Ground 1


Vocational Opportunity:
Amy Sherman

Corporate Opportunity:
Kent Johnson

New Ground 2


City Impact Opportunity:
Chuck Proudfit

Cultural Opportunity:
Doug Napier

Broader 1


Gender Challenges in the Workplace:
Denise Daniels

Hiring and Empowering Millennials in the Workplace:
Grant Skeldon

Broader 2


Rethinking Urban Poverty:
Chris Brooks 

Faith at Work for the “Rest of Us”:
Charlie Self

Case Studies 1


Mistaken Identity:
Marc Belton

Is Faith Alive and Well Today?
Sherron Watkins

On Faith, Work & Public Service
Edmund C. Moy

Case Studies 2

What Kind of Nation Do You Want?
John Samuel

What Does Passion Have to Do with It?
Margo Engberg

Called: Sharing the Journey
Katherine Leary Alsdorf

The Church’s Vital Role 1

The Smallness of Big C, Little c Thinking:
Tom Nelson

What Pastors Need from Workplace Christians
Mark Roberts

The Church’s Vital Role 2

Worker-Friendly Churches – A Breakthrough?
Mark Greene

Beyond Theological Camels: What the Church Needs from Seminary
Tod Bolsinger

The Church’s Vital Role 3

Exemplary Churches Supporting Christians at Work
Alistair Mackenzie

Claiming Every Day for God
John Perkins

Schedule and more information coming soon!

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