More details about the 2016 Faith@Work Summit to come! 

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A renewed interest in faith-work integration has erupted in workplaces around the world.

Faith-and-work initiatives are booming, at companies, churches, seminaries, colleges and seminaries. No one person or organization has been leading the charge. Instead, the Holy Spirit is moving in diverse settings through many individuals.

The Purpose of the 2016 Summit

The purpose of the 2016 Summit is to gather leaders from various arenas to learn from each other and consider how we can serve the Lord of the marketplace more biblically, faithfully, collaboratively, constructively and effectively.

The Summit is not a celebrity-speaker event, but a working conference where everyone’s voice is important.


Join Leaders from Six Arenas:


Workplace Ministries


Resource Organizations






Faith@Work Summit

October 27-29, 2016

Dallas, Texas