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Unsure how their work serves God


Say their work less valuable than pastor's


No clarity about their calling



About the Summit

The [email protected] Summit gathers leaders and active participants from every industry sector who desire to learn from each other and work together to extend Christ’s transforming presence in workplaces around the world.

Our summits are not celebrity-speaker events, but gatherings where all in attendance participate, share new ideas, and create lasting partnerships.

Event Details

October 11–13, 2018
Chicago, IL

Hyatt Regency O’Hare
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois, USA, 60018


#FAWSTalk Online Event

#FAWSTalk is a [email protected] Summit online monthly event where you can process newly released talks from the Summit, participate in live online discussion, and partner with others. Learn more here.


101 to 201


Called to Business:
John Beckett

Moving Forward from 101 to 201:
David Gill

New Ground 1


Vocational Opportunity:
Amy Sherman

Corporate Opportunity:
Kent Johnson

New Ground 2


City Impact Opportunity:
Chuck Proudfit

Cultural Opportunity:
Doug Napier

Broader 1


Gender Challenges in the Workplace:
Denise Daniels

Hiring and Empowering Millennials in the Workplace:
Grant Skeldon

Broader 2


Rethinking Urban Poverty:
Chris Brooks 

Faith at Work for the “Rest of Us”:
Charlie Self

Case Studies 1


Mistaken Identity:
Marc Belton

Is Faith Alive and Well Today?
Sherron Watkins

On Faith, Work & Public Service
Edmund C. Moy

Case Studies 2

What Kind of Nation Do You Want?
John Samuel

What Does Passion Have to Do with It?
Margo Engberg

Called: Sharing the Journey
Katherine Leary Alsdorf

The Church’s Vital Role 1

The Smallness of Big C, Little c Thinking:
Tom Nelson

What Pastors Need from Workplace Christians
Mark Roberts

The Church’s Vital Role 2

Worker-Friendly Churches – A Breakthrough?
Mark Greene

Beyond Theological Camels: What the Church Needs from Seminary
Tod Bolsinger

The Church’s Vital Role 3

Exemplary Churches Supporting Christians at Work
Alistair Mackenzie

Claiming Every Day for God
John Perkins


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